Influencer Marketing

Campaigns tailored to your needs and fully traceable

Set your goals

Set your goals

Know your objectives

We will help you define your business objectives and set-up and Influencer Marketing campaign tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to raise your brand awareness, build loyalty through conversations with your customers, reach new audiences or increase your sales, we’re here to help you find the best approach and identify the KPIs to track its performance.

Set your goals Set your goals
Find your talents Find your talents

Find your talents

Find your needle in the haystack

Number of followers isn’t everything when it comes to finding key individuals that have a real influence over your potential buyers. We define your audience and its online behaviour to help you find the best talent for your needs, while ensuring that they embody your brand values and identity. We will then design an Influencer Marketing strategy that integrates seamlessly with your overall marketing strategy.

Break the noise

Break the noise

Eye-catching content

Give a new perspective and a fresh take to your content. We define a content strategy that merges your needs with the voice of your talents, to create unique, genuine and engaging content. We combine influencers that are relevant for your business with remarkable stories, so that your conversations will stand out from the background noise.

Break the noise Break the noise
Build trust Build trust

Build trust

People influence people

Users don’t want advertising: they want conversations. Nowadays people tend to trust recommendations from others more than Ads. Influencers who post content about your business appear to your target audience as genuine and natural sources, helping you build a friendly communication built on trust.



Tell us your new project

Share with us your goals, we will help you to choose the best digital strategy to achieve them.